04.05.2023 News

Powering the Future: MATADOR Group Celebrates Milestone in Electromobility with Successful PVS for ŠKODA AUTO

The competencies of the MATADOR Group are expanding, and together with the advent of electromobility, projects in this area are increasing. The last achievement is the successful completion of PVS (Produktionversuchserie) for the battery line for ŠKODA AUTO in Mladá Boleslav.

The result of exemplary cooperation within the group between the companies Matador Automation and Alpha Automation is the successful handling of PVS production within the project of supplying an assembly line for the assembly of batteries in cars for ŠKODA AUTO.

In addition to other employees, the teams of Mr. Mudrák and Mr. Štolba have a major share in this success. The entire project was managed by MATADOR Automation employees, who ensured the implementation and management of all phases of the project, from the development itself to the installation at the customer’s site.

However, we must also highlight our colleagues from Alpha Automation, who contributed significantly to this partial success with their expertise and professionalism in the field of programming and ensuring the software functionality of the entire line.

Nevertheless, until the final handover of the project, we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us so that at the end of the project we can conclude that we have a successful project and a satisfied customer, which will create many opportunities for us in the future in this new and promising segment for us.