13.09.2023 News

MATADOR Group’s mechanical engineers power defense innovation: Collaborating on the BIA Howitzer for Konštrukta Defence

The knowledge of mechanical engineers of MATADOR Group from Dubnica are well known worldwide, and the projects that were created and are being manufactured by them are characterized by reliability, precision and durability. These are key attributes for all of our products, but especially for military orders, where the design and manufacturing flaws will show up almost immediately with regard to extreme loads. In this area, we specialize mainly in the development and subsequently the assembly or welding of individual parts. Our absolute goal is to achieve maximum quality, exactly according to customer requirements. The philosophy of proactive customer orientation has accompanied us since the beginning of our company’s foundation, which dates back to 1905.

MATADOR Group is a production partner of KONŠTRUKTA – Defence, a.s. and thus participates in the development and subsequent assembly of the howitzers produced by this state-owned company. Currently, Konštrukta Defence a.s. presented a new type of howitzer at the London Defence and Security Equipment International 2023 (DSEI) exhibition – it is a prototype of a 155mm self-propelled howitzer with a fully functional weapon system called BIA, which, has already undergone first tests. The full name is 155 mm SpGH (Self-Propelled Gun Howitzer) and the manufacturer assumes that this howitzer will later strengthen the defence capabilities of the Slovak army.

The biggest advantage of the BIA project is the 155 mm Caliber, which meets the required technical parameters: range, rate of fire, stock of ammunition ready for firing, high mobility and cross-country ability, lower weight and higher level of crew protection and we must not forget the automation of the combat operation. The manufacturer states that the BIA is lighter and more mobile with higher mobility while maintaining the same firepower and compared to the predecessors EVA howitzer, the BIA carries a larger supply of ammunition, has higher crew protection and also automation of combat operations.

MATADOR Group is involved in the development and assembly of some parts of the howitzer. It uses knowledge from the field of materials and technologies, especially welding processes, in order to ensure the maximum quality and safety of the operating crew. We are proud to be able to contribute to the quality and reputation of Slovak products abroad and at the same time contribute to the defence capability of our army. The BIA howitzer will be presented in October at the #IDEB 2023 exhibition in Bratislava.