04.04.2023 News

MATADOR Automotive Expands Nitra Plant for High-Tech Advancements: A 17 Million Euro Investment in ‘Hot-Forming’ Technology

“We were nominated for a project for the Porsche brand and therefore decided to invest in new technology and expand our plant in Nitra,” says Stefan Rosina Jr. Vice president of MATADOR Holding and board member of Sodecia SGPS.

Matador Automotive already runs three plants, in which parts are being pressed, welded and assembled for the Bratislava plant of Volkswagen and other car manufacturers. It is a cold-pressing technology.

Matador Automotive wants to expand this production with “hot-forming” technology, i.e. hot pressing. “Steel parts processed by this method are comparable in stiffness and weight to aluminium, which is significantly more expensive. This technology is already being used in a German plant in Saarlouise, where it produces different body parts for various production plants in Europe.

According to Štefan Rosina, the investment will exceed 17 million euros. “These are first-class and investment-intensive machines that are among the most modern in Europe,” he added. Serial production using “hot-forming” technology should be launched in the new press facility in the summer of 2024. The expansion of production will provide work for approximately one hundred new employees.

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