09.02.2023 News

Beyond Awards: AUFEER DESIGN’s Charitable Gesture – A Heartfelt Donation to Children’s Center at Klaudian Hospital

MATADOR Group organizes the MATADOR Stars competition every year, and within it, the innovative act of the year category is also evaluated and awarded. Each company in our group participates in this competition and the result is a financial reward from MATADOR Group.
It is divided between the company and the employees, and a large part of the financial reward is intended for charity. In this way, the MATADOR Group not only motivates its employees but also takes care of the environment in which the employees live.

This year, AUFEER DESIGN was the winner. They decided to support those who need it the most. At the beginning of February, they donated 120,000 crowns as a financial gift to the Children’s Center of the Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital, Klaudian Hospital.

The symbolic check was handed over by Ing. Marcel Foltín, CEO of AUFEER Group Member of MATADOR Group and Braňo Maukš, chief designer of the Innovation Center directly into the hands of the head of the Children’s Center MUDr. Helena Tomanová…

This facility takes care of small preschool children, as well as mothers in difficult situations who have a temporary home here and deserve all the help they can get. The meeting was beautiful. And certainly not the last! The headmistress and the nurses thanked us very much, but… It was our colleagues who left richer.

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