19.05.2021 News ∙ Press news

Two established companies continue their long-term cooperation

The successful cooperation between the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee (SOŠV) and the MATADOR Group is entering the fifth Olympic cycle. Both major brands have extended the existing partnership, which has been running since 2005.

MATADOR Group is one of the most traditional supporters of Slovak Olympians. The traditional Slovak brand with a 116-year tradition supports the participation of athletes from Slovakia not only in the Olympic Games, but also in other important events (Youth Olympic Games, European Games, European Olympic Youth Festivals), to which it sends SOŠV expeditions.

“SOŠV and the MATADOR Group have long been well-established companies not only at home but also abroad. We are glad that we can connect with successful domestic companies that have a long tradition. By extending the current cooperation, the MATADOR Group also sends, from our point of view, a clear signal to the public about its perception of sports and social responsibility,” said Anton Siekel, President of SOŠV.

In the past, the Olympic movement appreciated the importance of MATADOR Group’s contribution to Slovak sports by awarding the Bronze Circles of SOV to the company’s highest representatives – Štefan Rosina, President and Miroslav Rosina, Vice President. The awarding also showed how important role the company plays in supporting Slovak Olympians.

“The MATADOR Group is a traditional partner of SOŠV. The philosophy of our brand largely coincides with Olympic values and the meaning of fair play. Like athletes, we constantly strive to improve and develop. We want to continue to connect our brand with the best and contribute to its identification as a major supplier, especially for the automotive industry,” said Štefan Rosina, President of the MATADOR Group.

The company will be involved in several activities and projects prepared in 2021 by the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee. They are aimed at supporting the ideas of Olympics, promoting fair play and developing physical and sports activities, especially for the young generation and families with children.

“In the MATADOR Group, we see a significant supporter of sports in Slovakia and beyond. We are glad that even in today’s difficult times, in which the corona crisis affected every economic sector, they stand by us and we continue to cooperate. Within its framework, the MATADOR Group will not only help top athletes and sports at the highest level, but will also significantly support our projects, by which we want to help increase the physical fitness of children and youth,” said Kristína Czuczová, Marketing Director of SOŠV.

The MATADOR Group, an independent industrial investment group operating in Europe and in non-European markets, focuses on high value-added sectors and innovations in the automotive industry and overall global mobility. It is one of the leading suppliers of components for the automotive industry as well as other industries. It deals with development, design, innovations, construction and serial production of pressed and welded components and assemblies, as well as engineering custom production, designs and solutions in the field of industrial automation and robotics.

“We see the meaning of our involvement in sports not only from the marketing but also from the social aspect. Without the support of partners, more talented athletes would probably not succeed. We are aware of this dimension and we are very actively involved in sponsorship activities and support of Slovak sports and its sports talents. We perceive the activities of the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee as very important in the context of Slovak sports,” added Martin Adamka, Head of Marketing at the MATADOR Group.