Quality control and testing

Quality control and material testing have a long tradition in our company. We have the latest 3D measuring equipment in which we carry out non-stop measurement and quality control of products throughout the entire production process.

MATADOR Automotive | Serial production

Product quality control

We are well-established in the area of quality control and material testing. In the on-site 3D measuring facility, we provide non-stop measuring and quality control of our products during the entire production process.

We implement a wide range of conventional testing methods including metallographic and spectral analysis of joints and used material. These are followed by destructive and non–destructive tensile testing, in which we evaluate the strength of the joints and test their limits. Furthermore, we offer salt spray bath testing, where we simulate the effect of the environment on the structural parts.

These technologies, together with strict quality control help us to evaluate and immediately adjust our production and assure the highest quality with the lowest PPM.

We offer:

  • 3D measuring
  • Spectral analysis
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Salt spray bath
  • USG welds and rivets testing
  • Destructive and non–destructive welds and rivets testing