02.10.2023 News

MATADOR Automation participated in the production line of the new Volkswagen Passat and the new Škoda Superb

The new Volkswagen Passat and Škoda Suberb have already started to be produced at the Volkswagen Slovakia a.s. plant in Bratislava – Devínská Nová Ves. The new Volkswagen Passat has already been presented to the public, we will soon see the production version of the new Škoda Superb as well.

MATADOR Group was also involved i this project, specifically the MATADOR Automation company, which designed and subsequently installed the production lines in the welding shop for connecting the front floor incl. tunnel, aft floor incl. subframe system, front bumper, complete lower floor, front and rear hood and mudguard.

This project involved the alignment of 218 robots with regard not only to production accuracy but also to maintaining production cadence, which in such cases is as important as quality. In the case of these projects, MATADOR Automation uses its experience from many successful projects of the past, which also included projects for the most renowned car companies such as Porsche or Audi.