MATADOR Group is one of the oldest and most successful Slovak brands. This year, the company is celebrating its 115th anniversary, with its increasingly ambitious plans: it is changing its communication claim and modernizing its visual identity as well.

The Matador brand has undergone many transformations during its activity, which have affected not only its business strategy, but also its visual identity. In the current era of technological changes, the brand is aware of the importance of communication, desires to remain an attractive leader and constantly inspire the market. Therefore, in the middle of this year, the company's management decided to undergo an evolution in brand design.

In addition to a significant change in visuality, the communication claim which follows the new strategic direction is also changing, "The new mission reflects a greater emphasis on innovation, thanks to which we want to win and strengthen our long-term leadership position," says Martin Kele, CEO of MATADOR Group.

The brand applies an innovative approach not only in new business activities, but also in communication. The most distinctive visual refreshment of identity is the dynamic wave, which complements the current visual language and symbolizes the brand's ability to adapt, create new connections and be a bearer of innovation. The logo, which now uses a new monolithic color, has also undergone a less significant change. Slight adjustments also affected the corporate typography.



A novelty in the brand identity is undoubtedly the attractive sound-logo, which represents the first steps in preparation for the era of voice assistants or more intensive use of multimedia formats. As Martin Adamka, Head of Marketing at MATADOR Group, says: “When creating a new identity, we thought about its complexity. We did not just want to adjust the logo. We planned a significant, but not radical, change that would prepare the brand for the next decades. We are incredibly pleased that we are one of the few Slovak brands that are aware of emerging trends and are developing their identity in this direction as well.”

MATADOR Group invited the branding agency GALTON Brands to create a new visual identity, sound logo and other communication activities. The agency came up with the proposals and oversaw the entire execution. “To redesign such an iconic brand like Matador was a great challenge for us. However, if you have the right people on board who understand your work and do it well, you have a high chance of achieving a great result,” says Andrej Mitáš, CEO - GALTON Brands.

The MATADOR Group will gradually implement the new visual identity into all communication activities, and it should fully represent the brand in the first half of 2021.