The MATADOR Group continues production and manufacturing because it honors its customers. In terms of security, it maximizes preventive measures to combat the coronavirus. The company calls on everyone to take a responsible approach.

The MATADOR Group closely monitors the current situation regarding the spread of the COVID-19 infection. The company has already introduced several prevention tools in advance. Personal visits and direct contact have long been abolished with respect to the external environment. Meetings with customers, suppliers and other entities from the external environment are conducted using means of telecommunication.


One of our core values is customer relationship. We value every business client and that is why we have decided that our manufacturing will continue. We have taken several precautions in the production area to protect our employees as well as the entire production process.

Even in this difficult situation, we can attend to every request of customers. If you are looking for a strong business partner, do not hesitate to contact us at supplier@matador-group.eu or contact us in Contact section.


In terms of internal safety and health protection of employees, we have adopted several important and key measures to reduce the risk of contagion in the workplace, but especially in production areas. In accordance with an order of the management of the Matador Group, we have adopted and provided for the following safety measures:

  • Wearing of protective masks
  • Protective clothing
  • Disinfectants
  • Home Office   
  • Medical service 
  • Awareness raising and provision of information  
  • Temperature measurement

At all entrances to the premises of the individual companies of the Matador Group, we have installed modern technologies detecting everybody's body temperature at the entrance.


A sufficient amount of devices for artificial lung ventilation may decide in the coming weeks on how we will master the situation medically in Slovakia if the COVID-19 coronavirus infection spreads. Therefore, in cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology (SUT) in Bratislava, we decided to develop a prototype of our own ventilator.

The project has several parts and each part of the team does what it is good at. In the Matador Group, we focus primarily on optimizing the mechanical design and adjusting the device for production capacities. Our partner from the SUT specializes in reviving the engine, the control system and the actual electronics. The principle of the whole concept lies in the use of a bag valve mask. A bag valve mask is a hand-held breathing apparatus that can replace the breathing activity of a patient who is unable breathe.

At Matador, we try to replace manual compression by an intelligent mechanism whose parameters can be controlled by a doctor. We design our common lung ventilator in such a way that it is not complicated for mass production and it can be produced quite easily in large quantities. Nevertheless, it is the result of great efforts and joint know-how with Slovak top scientists. The best developers and technicians work together in the team; they consult the development of the device with real-life medical professionals.


Since training and education is one of the key themes we support in various projects, we and our creative design studio have decided to prepare a creative coloring book, made up of the largest of our design studio projects, for our youngest.