Opportunities for students of universities

Do you have an idea, but don’t know how to realize it? Come to us, we will help you.

At the MATADOR Group, we are dedicated to supporting the development of young talent. We provide opportunities for professional and personal growth for students of technical universities via the summer internships programs.

Our innovation-oriented philosophy offers a broad range of information and idea sharing between students and our company. In this regard, we are pleased to offer you expert practice-related support when writing a thesis for a diploma, a Bachelor’s or a Master’s study. Therefore, if you are interested in developing your ideas and applying them to the real industrial life you are welcome to apply. You will also receive a full support from our professionals, who will guide you in the realization of your concepts.


If you are interested in either summer internships or thesis support or even if you simply require more information please contact: idea@matador-group.eu.