An attractive employer

The MATADOR Group has established a key position in the Central European automotive market as a system supplier of automotive and non-automotive parts. The company was founded more than 110 years ago and has significantly influenced the development of the Slovak industrial sector.

The product and service portfolio includes engineering services, design of automotive components, design and assembly of automation lines, stamping tool production and serial production for leading OEM’s. Our 1500 plus employees are located in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia, where we deliver our services and products to Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Seat, Suzuki, PSA and further leading automotive and non–automotive clients.

In addition to our core activities, we strongly concentrate on innovative developments in the areas of production technologies, new material compositions and sophisticated joining possibilities for automotive applications. Thanks to the complexity of our portfolio we have become the largest Slovak originated TIER 1 supplier.

The success of the company lies in its people

The name MATADOR reflects the hard work, dedication and quality of each individual employee who works for our company. We believe that the fulfillment of the company’s goals is directly linked to the effort, expertise and skills of our employees.

Therefore, we promote our employees to fulfil their daily tasks, but foremost to be curious and to strive for solutions. We are looking for people, who are enthusiastic and passionate about their work and who wish to constantly improve themselves. We are proud that our employees follow these ideals and help us to push the boundaries further.

We open new windows of opportunity for those, who have the skills and passion

Our primary goal is to identify the potential of our employees and further develop their talents and passion for our industries.

We offer